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If you use internet through Wi-Fi, then you may know about the Router and now it has become important to know more about Wi-Fi. Because if you do not become smart on IT, then you cannot run in this time. Router is the device which is mainly used for spreading internet. Without using the router, you cannot spread internet like wireless. The Router is everything and day by day many companies started to sell different types of router. Now Wi-Fi internet is free in many public places and If you want to use free internet in your smartphone, then you can convert your wired internet connection to Wi-Fi by the router.
A router is a device and you need to use the device for making Wi-Fi connection. You have to setup the router for the Wi-Fi connection. Then it can spread internet to your home. There are many routers available in the market and you can choice any router which suits your demand. Philips, Senao and some other unknown brands routers are very popular and if you have used router from any of these brands, then you should learn setting related with those routers. Those routers use IP address and you will get those after reading the router manual. You should read other papers of the routers.
Always a default IP address is setup by manufacturer and for the Philips, Senao and some other routers, the default IP address is You need to know the default IP address for configuration the device and you need to use username and password with the default IP address Then you can login to the router and setup all of the settings. If you do not find the IP address and other login detail, then you should seek those login detail somewhere else. Because you need all of those things must. You must get an additional paper where all of the information is used.
After login to the router page, you can easily change the default settings and setup router and Wi-Fi setting. It is very easy to setup router. You should read the manual of the router to know everything of the router setting. There are many problems may occur and you can solve form the router settings of the router very easily. You can change the default IP address to any other IP address. That is why, you should read the manual to know more detail. In the manual, you will get many necessary thing and a manual cannot be an alternative of the websites.
You may need to change the default IP address for the IP address confliction error. If you want to change the IP address, then look at the IP address The total IP address I made of number and 3 dot are used in the IP address for making partition of the IP address. This is very easy to change the IP address. You cannot use letter in the IP address and do not use any other sign or space in the IP address. The IP address is full of numbers and dot together. You can change the IP address from behind and use number in the place of X. You can put any number from 0 to 255 in the place of X of 192.168.X.X. You cannot make more or less partition in the IP address. If you do anything like this, then IP address does not work. The IP address is from class C and you cannot change it.
Securing the router is not always important thing than the Wi-Fi. You have to secure the Wi-Fi connection. Because it is very easy to hack and use internet by others. You need to login to the router if you want to secure the Wi-Fi connection. Do not change the default IP address for securing the router. It will be enough to change the username and password from the router. Many people use Wi-Fi connection and they should know that how to securing the Wi-Fi. Some device let you use more features.
Read the manual to know the way of securing the Wi-Fi connection. You should change some settings like SSID network name, setup hard password, use enable Encrypted securities etc. From the router manual, you can learn about everything. You must learn how to secure the Wi-Fi connection. Otherwise, the account will be hacked and you have to pay bill of use internet of someone else. You have to be alert.
You already know that the default IP address is very important thing and experts does not suggest users to change the default IP address. The default IP address is used for checking the connection between router and computer. You need to use IP address with the ping command. The ping command is written with “ping” and “ping -t”. So this command is very enough to identify the device problem and seek the solution online. But you should read router manual to know all of the features of the router and solve all of the problems. It is very easy to identify. If you think that the connectivity problem is occurring for the faulty router, then you should contact with manufacturer or the vendor to solve this problem.
For many reasons the IP address does not work. If you think that the default IP address does not work for any reason, then you have to work to solve this problem. You can check the cable connection and check the power cable connection. If all of these are ok, then use ping and check the connectivity status. Then you must get some feedback. If you do not find problem from cable, then you should use antivirus for recognizing the virus. May be the virus is the main problem. You should also check the firewall. If the firewall blocks the IP address for any reason, then you cannot use internet and connectivity problem will be occurred. You can try to reset the device and check the device in other computer. If you cannot identify the problem, then you have to take it to the vendor or the manufacture to solve the router. If warranty covers for your device, then you may get a new device.
If you read manual, then it will be easier to identify the problem and get its solution quick. Many people like to use other blogs and Google or YouTube to know detail about router setting and Wi-Fi configuration but everyone needs to read the router. Most of the people avoid to read the router manual.